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1.Tundra Grey Project

Tundra Grey Project 

With a name that perfectly encapsulates its essence, our Tundra Grey marble evokes images of expansive frozen arctic landscapes. Its captivating blend of clouded greys and pewters, adorned with frosty creams and silver accents, presents a homogeneously consistent surface that exudes luxury in any installation. The serene tones of grey and white found in this stone have garnered immense popularity as a decorative material, especially in the realm of lavish contemporary living.

2. Calacatta Verde Villa Project

Calacatta Verde Villa Project 

Embracing the beauty and quiet peacefulness of a verdant hidden forest,
Calacatta Verde is the essence of calm and serenity.

Calacatta Verde Marble has the wildest variation of Calacatta family.
Extraordinary character of this stone makes it’s every single piece an artwork.
Calacatta Verde has radical green veins on a white background.
Because of it’s strong character, Calacatta Verde attracts all the attention
in the projects that it is used.