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Marble is the most popular natural stone and has been a preferred material in the world of decoration for years. Let’s take a look at the most popular marble colors of this year and focus on two important collections, especially Antique Inspirations and Statuary Marble Collection.

Antique Inspirations

The Antique Inspirations collection brings high-quality marbles together with modern and contemporary designs. Among the most popular colors in this collection are Lymra with dominant gray and beige tones, Calacatta Gold with rich and full tones, and Giallo Reale with a warm feeling.

Other marbles in the collection include colors like Cream Fantasy, Afyon Sugar, Afyon Violet, Golden Spider, and Marmara White. Each of these colors creates a strong impact with a different aesthetic and character, offering a unique touch to any space.

Statuary Marble Collection

Statuary Marble Collection is known for its unique white marbles, particularly the white marbles extracted from the Carrara region in Italy. The most popular colors of this collection are White Carrara, which blends different shades of white and veins, and Bianco Dolomite, which only has white veins.

Additionally, the collection includes marbles with veins in different colors, such as Venato, Calacatta, and Arabescato. These colors are frequently used in spaces where white marble meets classic and modern designs.

In conclusion, collections like Antique Inspirations and Statuary Marble Collection seem to continue to be popular in 2023. Marble colors like Lymra, Calacatta Gold, Giallo Reale, White Carrara, and Bianco Dolomite are designed to offer an elegant aesthetic and strong character in any space. These colors can easily integrate into modern or classic style designs and are a special choice to bring vibrancy to spaces for years to come.